5-Step Closet Makeover

Make getting dressed fast and easy by clearing out the closet clutter and creating an organized space – with 5 easy steps:

1} Edit your wardrobe – Ask yourself if you’ve worn each item in the past 12 months. If the answer is no, there’s a good chance that you won’t in the future. Depending on its condition, donate or toss.

2} Arrange it like a boutique - Keep similar items together, and organize by sleeve length and color. I keep all of my tanks together, then short-sleeved tops, 3/4 sleeve, and so on. Each sleeve length is arranged by color. (Ok, well most of them are…)

3} Create a system for storing shoes - I store my shoes in wood cube organizers and arrange by type of shoe (dressy, semi-dressy, flats, and sandals). This makes it easy to find what I’m looking for, and to see what I have – which keeps me from getting into a shoe rut.

4} Manage odds and ends - Store bags, scarves, belts, and other accessories within eyesight. I keep my larger bags on shelves in the closet for easy access; smaller clutches are stored in a 3-drawer organizer similar to this. Scarves are hung on a scarf hanger, and belts are hung on a hanger made for them too. (See my previous post on belt organization.)

5} Designate a space for items that are headed to the dry cleaners – We keep a small laundry basket in the corner of our closet, and any items that need dry-cleaning are tossed inside. When the basket is full, that’s the sign that it’s time to take them in. Not only does it keep the clutter off the floor, but it’s an easy grab-and-go solution that can be loaded in the car.

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